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Freight Tranz is committed to providing premium transportation services, fulfillment, eCommerce solutions, business data management, and related services through a focused and collaboratively managed process throughout all of Freight Tranz affiliated companies.

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“Got Freight?”

Do you have freight shipments but just can’t seem to find a reliable company? Look no further! Whether it’s domestic or international, Freight Tranz is here to provide you with shipping solutions. With competitive pricing, superior customer service, state of the art technology and access to over 100 carriers, Freight Tranz is sure to fulfill your freight shipping needs!


“Got Fulfillment?”

No matter how large or small your company is, costs add up! Let Freight Tranz fulfillment handle your domestic or international fulfillment and parcel shipping needs while reducing your costs. Freight Tranz is here to provide you with customized fulfillment solutions which cater specifically to your business.


“Got Technology?”

Time is valuable, so why waste it jumping from one site to another to complete your shipping needs? Freight Tranz is here to consolidate your accounts into one simple and easy to use platform. Whether you are a startup company, Ecommerce business or large scale organization, our shipping platform can be customized to fit your needs.

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